Festival Contrasti

The Festival Contrasti, new, young and full of musical curiosities, travels through the music and musical literature of the ‘900 and contemporary, experimentation and improvisation, which it intends to discover and to discover outside the recognized routes and maps. Paths and personal journeys, of the musicians and the public, called to participate in a new formula of relationship with music and artists. An open twentieth century with a broad horizon. And many new music premieres.
Put in a group of composers and performers, all of great quality, with multifaceted experiences, a wide range of knowledge and professional work. Hence the birth of MotoContrario ensemble, a collective that deals with new and 20th century music, according to variable geometries and in the idea of ​​an open whole, which wants to aggregate resources and ideas, to develop a discourse of cultural animation, which leads to think music as something dynamic, a realization that is formed through the development of concrete experiences. Not monuments, not repertoires, not ready-made packages. But experiences, dialogue, comparisons.